Educated Choices, Empowerment, Feeling Safe, and Balance

Just to be clear, I want to state this up front so all who come to my site will know that I believe in balance. I am not against modern medicine as a whole. Neither would I ever reign down judgment on someone who after learning the facts…still chose to go with modern medicine for their ailment. Being ill is enough to deal with. I certainly would not want to make someone feel uncomfortable or less of a decision maker just because we may have different views on how to obtain optimum health. Educated choices is about exactly that… choices. Choices based on science based facts. Not the latest Hollywood fads or putting it out to the universe. Having educated choices at your fingertips offers a sense of empowerment, feeling safer, and balance.


The goal of my site is to do just that. Educate, reveal choices, make my readers feel safer, and putting the power over your health back into your own hands where it belongs.


So, if you should find yourself in a crisis such as a heart attack or a car accident please get to the hospital. This is not the time to think about what alternative medicine will save your life.


 The purpose of alternative medicine is to bring the body back into balance through natural means. Because the body knows what to expect and how to work with natural and pure remedies while getting to the root causes…and correcting them. It is not a quick fix or a band aid program to mask your symptoms while creating new ones as prescription drugs often times do.


Again, let me be perfectly clear…if you are in a crisis situation, if you need to use a prescription drug to get you through till you can bring your body back into balance through a natural process… there is no shame in that. I say this even knowing that many of the prescribed medicines have a whole host of side effects… I do not and would never advocate throwing your prescriptions down the toilet and going all natural. That would be the height of crazy and dangerous.


The proper and safe way is to bring the body back into balance through the proper foods for your body chemistry, organic based supplements based on your body’s requirements, and essential oils and herbs based on your specific needs. This site is NOT about a one size fits all mentality. There are only three elements, that I will go into detail on my Educate Me page, that everyone on the planet should be taking no matter your body chemistry or age. Outside of those three elements, you should always check to see what your body chemistry is saying before ingesting anything.


For example: Everyone knows we need vitamin C, right? But, what if your pH is acid and you just start taking vitamin C because you know vitamin C is good for you? Then what? Well, I’ll tell you what. You would be driving your body even more acid and very soon you would feel like a very sick person on the verge of a mental breakdown because your nervous system would be under attack from a very acid pH. So, it’s very important to know what your pH is before ingesting anything. Then if your body needs vitamin C you will know what source to get it from so that you are not driving your pH in the wrong direction. Yes, there is a right and a wrong source of vitamin C and it all comes down to your personal pH.


pH is only one part in the picture of the body’s chemistry. There are 7 parts in all and it is vital to see the whole picture before deciding what to do about what ails you.


Also, water, breathing, motion, sunshine, rest, and paying attention to your circadian rhythm all play an important role in the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit.


Then you can safely be weaned off your medications as your blood work from your physician shows your improvements. I strongly recommend checking your blood work every three months as you lower your doses of medication. Listen to your body! Some people do show improvements before the first three months, but always check the blood work to confirm what is going on before lowering the doses on any medications you may be taking. Remember… balance in all things is key to the optimal health.



Another thing I wish to make super clear is that I am not EVER going to be posting about the latest diet fads or any other fad that should arise or any old ones that may become repackaged and hailed as the new hero for whatever ails us. I don’t believe in them and I would like to discourage you from following them as well.




Because you are not the girl / boy in their before and after pictures.

Because you are not your friend who tried the product and had success

Because you are you… with your own unique body chemistry

Because until you know what YOUR body chemistry is… it’s all a “crap shoot” and your health is too precious to play “follow the leader” and hope it all turns out well.


Why guess when you can KNOW the best way to your personal health goals whether it is weight loss, lack of energy emotionally and or physically, or some ailment that has besieged you and made your life a little less vibrant.


I realize that there are a lot of diets out there. Everything from the Paleo Diet to totally Vegan. Each one has their good points, but again why impose something on your body when you don’t even know what it is YOUR body needs. Things such as age, strength of your stomach acid, your pH, and the condition of your liver play a vital part in determining what your body needs. Furthermore, those needs will change as you go through the process of bringing your body back into balance, so picking a diet plan based on how wonderful, popular, or “right” it seems to you without first knowing your body chemistry is just playing Russian Roulette with your health.


So with this in mind, my hope and goal is that you will find my site, Essential Living Solutions, a safe haven where one can gain the knowledge to help oneself, explore more choices, find balance, real answers that work for your personal situation, and the peace of mind that comes when the power and the control over your body and health are put back into your hands.


With that said, allow me to tell you what you will find on this site.


1. Turning the Tables on Your Illness

This page is all about the many non-invasive and safe ways in which to turn the tables on what ails you. Instead of your illness leading us to a life of pain, restrictions, suffering, or an early grave… you can turn the tables and shut down your illness before it can do it to you.


It is about prevention as well as bringing the body back into balance once it has been lost. Without harmful side effects and crushing price tags. It’s not about masking the symptoms or managing disease. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to manage my disease, I want to get rid of it! Address the cause and the disease will no longer see you as a hospitable host. I’ll also spend a lot of time debunking myths that blind you to truths that can end your misery and quite possibly save your life.


2. Educate Me
Here is where you will find what you never knew was possible! The means to stop guessing what’s wrong with your body. This is where your education really begins. The very first video on this page will actually teach you a simple, step-by-step how to run the most non-invasive test right in the comfort and privacy of your own home… pin-pointing the root causes of what ails you, and what to do about it. No more guessing, no more running off to one doctor’s office and another, and another… hoping to find someone who can pin-point what the heck is ailing you before you break the bank and why.  What I am talking about is real help with real answers that really do work all tailored to your personal body chemistry!


This page is filled with life saving documentations all free of charge to open the eyes of anyone who has been told that infamous lie, “Sorry there is no hope.” I do not want to see one more man, woman, or child resign themselves and forfeit their health and life to that lie because there are literally THOUSANDS of us around the world proving everyday that that is not the truth. There is an abundance of  science based evidence that proves that there is always a way to bring the body back into balance through natural means.


Listen…whatever you are going through… it doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of your life. Today can be your beginning to a new body and a life that makes waking up a joy. As you read about my own personal struggles with health issues, you’ll realize that I am not talking hype when I say you can experience a new body and your mornings being a joy rather than a drudgery to be endured. Remember, true vision is not seeing things as they are, but rather… as they will be. Never give up!


3. About Cseeszka

On this page you not only get to hear my own personal struggles with health issues and the ugly face of condemnation from others, but also, you will learn how to pronounce my name… it’s not as hard as it looks.  So, I hope you will come on over and get to know me a little… who knows, once you get past my name, you might even find me to be a comrade with a few things in common, such as our experiences with hard times emotionally and physically. Trust me, you are not alone.


4. Resources

This page is where you will find Traditional Doctors that practice natural medicine, NDs, Clinical Aromatherapists, Acupuncturists, Advanced Biostructural Correction Chiropractors, Biological Ionization Experts for human health and soil, Mayan Massage Therapists, and Dietary Supplement Nutritionists. Don’t worry if these titles are confusing. Each one will be explained in full detail on the Resource Page, so that you will know exactly what each one does.


5. The Market Place

This is where you can find all my remedies and products to help bring your body back into balance as well as my books and other products from alternative health practitioners that I have become an affiliate to. My guarantee to you is that I only use the highest quality products and I am only affiliated with those practitioners that have the same quality of product and service as I do.Yes, I actually do care about you. I don’t have to meet you face to face. If you are suffering, I know what that feels like. I know the kind of life suffering can often times create. I’ll never forget what it was like for me, so, yes, I do care about you and would love to shout about and share in your victories in our forum!


6. New Hope Forum

This forum was created for the sole purpose of camaraderie, support, a place to talk about your fears, hopes, and a place to shout about your victories. We were never meant to walk this road alone and now you don’t have to. There is much strength and peace of mind that can be experienced when we encourage one another through the hard times and rejoice with one another through the good times.  


7. Contact

Here you can contact my customer support team for any issues or problems either by calling or sending an email. My team is trained and ready to assist you in whatever way needed.