About Cseeszka Borjigin

Sooo… I suppose the first thing you probably want to know about me is… How the heck do you pronounce Cseeszka, right? No problem. Phonetically it would be like this… chay   es   ka

See, easy right? BTW the “ch” is the same sound as the “ch” in the word church… not an “sh” like in ship. Ok, practice time. Chay es ka… Chay es ka… Chayeska! Great job! Ok, you can just call me Chay and we’ll work on my last name another time.


Now that we got the name down we can talk about the person behind the name. I became horribly ill some years back to the point that I could not even find the strength to sit up at the table and eat a meal without collapsing. No one could tell me what was the problem and to make things worse people accused me of being lazy… great now I could add shame and guilt to my list of miseries. That shame and guilt drove me to push even harder each day just to prove to everyone … I wasn’t lazy.


That ended with me going into full blown seizures on two separate occasions. And still no one knew what was wrong with me… some actually suspected fakery just so I could get out of doing the dishes! What else could it be? After all, the CAT scans and blood work said I was just fine. Remind me to put that on my tomb stone. Here lies Cseeszka Borjigin… the doctor said I was just fine!


Passing out was not uncommon for me… neither was being accused of being on drugs when it happened. So, if one was to believe the reports… I was a lazy drug addict that got her kicks by faking seizures just to get out of doing the house work! Great, now that they had that all figured out…


Well, unfortunately for me doctors did not recognize or admit to… hypoglycemia as a real health issue. Some did not even know the symptoms and others simply denied its existence. Here’s the thing… when doctors see something that they don’t understand they do one of three things.

  1. Tell you that you are depressed and therefore it’s all in your head.
  2. Recommend regular visits to the psychiatrist
  3. Write a prescription… they don’t know what you have, BUT they’re writing a prescription for it!


I suffered the condemnation of others for how many dishes one could find in my sink on any given day because we all know that cleanliness is next to godliness and therefore… only a woman of questionable character would have unwashed dishes lying about the kitchen. I was a societal failure to womanhood. Ostracized, gossiped about, and avoided by the more godly women of society. Sadly, overtime… I began to believe the lie and very nearly had myself committed to a mental institution.


That’s when I met a woman who introduced me to a tall and gentle man named Bob. Bob ran a non-invasive test on me and within that very hour told me EVERYTHING… yes, everything that was wrong with me. Pin pointed what I was feeling emotionally and physically. It was as though he was looking straight into a crystal ball at the very core of my mind and body . I didn’t have to tell him anything. I was so dumbfounded by the things he was saying to me that I actually asked him if he was practicing some kind of voodoo or witchcraft. Like how could he know this stuff about me unless there was something not-so-kosher going on with him???


Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out by it all because I knew nothing about nutrition. As far as I knew Froot Loops was nutrition. It said so right on the box! And I swallowed that lie… milk, loops, and sugar all the way. Yep, all the way to hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, and other not so fun health issues.


This is where I learned why the Standard American Diet was referred to as “SAD” by, those who knew the truth… because that’s what you’ll be if you believe and follow it… SAD. This was my wake up call!


Page FOUR… List Of NO-NO’s

Bob was a sweet man and truly cared about how awful life was for me, so he did what any compassionate person would do that was trying to save a life and it was all good… till we got to Page Four. Page Four list of no-no’s just happened to list everything I ate! What kind of a fiend would tell someone to give up soda, sugar, and French fries. Mornings without Froot Loops and Captain Crunch…like is this dude tripping or what? And let’s be real ok…only the worst kind of monster would ever tell a woman to stop eating chocolate! Obviously, he did not understand the menstrual cycle! How did he expect me to get through that without my pack of Oreo cookies, Hershey candy bars, and hot chocolate milk??? All I could think while he was going through this list was… how fate had dealt me the fatal blow… life without sugar. Could I do this? Was it even worth it?


Crying In The Isles of Albertson’s

Albertson’s grocery store is a fabulous place to shop…OMG, they have everything! Except… for me. As I walked up and down the food isles with Page Four List of bloody No-No’s in hand… I burst into tears as I walked down the cereal aisle looking forlornly at Toucan Sam and waving good bye to Captain Crunch wondering how I was going to survive my mornings without them. Next, I braced myself, for I knew I was coming up to the candy isle and the thought of giving up chocolate just seemed surreal and totally not doable to me. Life without chocolate can be very cruel and I had no clue how I was going to survive my fate. I can remember craving sugar even when I was just a toddler sneaking into the sugar jar when no one was looking Diving in with a tablespoon in one hand a cup of chocolate milk in the other.


Instead of being ecstatic that I could finally prove, once and for all… that I wasn’t a lazy, drug infested woman of questionable character that faked seizures to escape the housework… and could now rejoin proper society like a leper who had been cleansed… I could only wonder if it was all worth it. Looking at Page Three… List of DO’s was foreign and terrifying to me. Kale…no one I knew even knew what that was… even the man that worked in the produce isle looked perplexed when I asked him. And I was instructed to drink green drinks… 3 times a day! Seriously that just looked like decomposed plant slime to me and tasted just about as bad to taste buds that had grown used to a high sugar, salt, and various poisons reshaped to resemble food.

So, the first round at the grocery store didn’t exactly go well for me.


The Healing Crisis

The “healing crisis” is just a innocuous term that’s used by NDs when trying to soften the fact that depending on how toxic and sick you are… the cure may feel worse than the disease for the first 15 – 30 days of the program. Those were the looongest 30 days of my life. I’ll spare you the ugly details…just know this… headaches, nausea, vomiting, gas pains that feel like gremlins are chewing on your intestines, weakness, light headedness, and a few rounds of rolling around on the floor begging for death are just a few things you may experience during the “healing crisis”.


That’s the proof that your body gives you that the program is working. The “I’m going to die before this is over” feeling is caused by the fact that your organs are being detoxed and those toxins are entering into the blood stream headed for the kidneys to be filtered out of the body. While en-route in the blood stream that’s when you start to feel like maybe it’s easier to live with the illness compared to what you are feeling now. Don’t despair because this is only a temporary and harmless effect that is actually proof that your body is responding and on its way to new health! And there are a few things you can do to lessen the “healing crisis” symptoms.


Waking Up To the New Me

Then it happened…exactly 45 days later… catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I passed by that morning, I saw a woman that I had not seen in years. She had dark Mediterranean skin with cheeks and lips that looked like they had been kissed by a rose, clear black eyes that shone with a deep sparkle, and hair that was like China silk. I jumped back and screamed. Nothing could have prepared me for these kind of results. I guess you could say that I was a bit traumatized, but in a good way. Once I got over the surprise and shock of my reflection in the mirror. I could feel energy coursing through my body. My insides felt crazy clean and light… I felt really clean and light. My complexion looked as if it was airbrushed to perfection. I was awesome !


Hard to believe when just the night before my body had kicked out the last of the toxins… That was a night from Hell. There was weeping and gnashing of teeth, but as the old saying goes… “but joy cometh in the morning!” The transformation was more than I was expecting because I was sooo horribly sick for so long. I was super mineral deficient, which created a lovely environment for all kinds of viruses, bad bacteria, and lots of nasty little parasites that just hogged what little nutrients I may have had left in my body…leaving me to starve. I was so ignorant to the possibilities and the power of the body to heal itself …if we will just give it what it needs to do its job!


So now I would like to invite you on an exploration of the possibilities and choices that God in His infinite wisdom provided for us through the awesome healing power of nature!